Precision & Medical Tool Manufacturing

Southmedic Medical Manufacturing has a long list of sophisticated tooling capabilities. We take your tooling program seriously; thats why all the tools we manufacture are assigned to a dedicated project manager to give you an optimum tool for the intended application on time and on budget.

Precision tool manufacturing capability

Project management

Engineering change/part revision control

Cost control/job tracking

Prototype to multi-cavity tooling (your prototype tools may be SR&ED eligible; contact us to find out)

Cold runner

Hot runner (Hot Tip, Valve Gate)

Insert molds

Jigs and fixtures
SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development)
This tax-based federal incentive program is offered to Canadian owned companies. These research tax credits and/or tax refunds are designed to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Canada’s leading thinkers when it comes to R&D for new or improved products and/or technological processes. So, if your company is thinking about developing new technologies, we can help – call Maurice.

By the way, SR&ED is the largest single source of industrial research and development support offered by the Canadian federal government. Be sure your efforts are included!

Official SR&ED program information can be found at the Canada Revenue Agency Website:

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