Assembly and Packaging

Southmedic’s assembly facilities contain several dedicated and custom assembly lines that can be adapted to suit your needs. Of special note is the one-piece flow assembly model available at Southmedic. One-piece flow offers our customers advantages such as simultaneous time to detect and time to correct. This results in a drastically improved lead time. In short, Southmedic’s one-piece flow assembly model assures a manufacturing process that will consistently deliver high quality assemblies on time and within your budget.

  • Class 100,000 assembly room
  • Device assembly
  • Production control
  • Sonic welding
  • Pad printing
  • Tray and pouch sealing for sterile and non-sterile devices
  • Thermoforming
  • Heat sealing
  • Heat staking
  • Solvent bonding
  • UV bonding

Many of our customers request value added services such as assembly or pre-assembly of final product.  We at SM Manufacturing are only too eager to help.  Frequently, there are cost savings associated with assembly because additional operations can, in most cases, be done in line with our injection presses.  Because we are a class 100,000 cleanroom facility, SM Manufacturing ensures your assembly is produced at the highest level of quality available in the marketplace.  These value added services not only include assembly but can also consist of pad printing, label adhesion, inkjet marking or a variety of other packaging services.

SM Manufacturing not only produces injection molded components but we also manufacture finished assemblies through sonic welding, heat staking and adhesive bonding processes.  These capabilities can be extended from piecing two injection molded parts together to full complex assemblies with moving parts and fractional horse power electric motors.  On final assembly we can heat seal into plastic packaging and have it ready for your market.

We would like to provide you with piece of mind that your project will be produced to the highest standard, cost effectively and on time.  At SM Manufacturing we possess the technology, ability, knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to producing your quality product.

SM Manufacturing currently serves the medical, food and automotive industry where high quality precision, state of the art technology and solid quality management systems are a necessity and regulatory controls are an everyday requirement. As a supplier of choice, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide solid contract manufacturing partnerships for assembly and final packaging to our customers and do so on time, every time. We have been very successful with introducing new products into our facility through sound program management and ensure that every customer is assigned to a personal account manager who will see your project from beginning to end. If you require any work with respect to pre-assembly, full assembly or would like to discuss ways in which SM Manufacturing can save you time and money, please contact us.